About Us

We create transformational experiences to inspire people and organizations with actionable ideas


WOBI is a leading global business content hub. Our goal is to produce and distribute the best management media content to help companies and their top executives improve the way they manage their organizations. We strongly believe that knowledge is the main competitive advantage in today’s business world.

We create events that bring together thousands of executives in cities around the world to learn from and be inspired by the most brilliant business minds

We develop unique executive education programs and exclusive digital Masterclasses presented by worldwide leaders in today’s most relevant management topics


We create on demand solutions by adapting our best content to each of our clients’ needs  to keep their teams trained, dedicated and up-to-date

We produce the first TV channel dedicated exclusively to business management, strategy, leadership and innovation

Our History

Join us on this transformative journey, and let WOBI be your compass in the realm of business excellence.