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Sabrina Gaete
May, 15,2014

WOBI contributing editor Forrest Jones caught up with Scott Anthony before WOBI on Innovation New York for a quick Q&A session prior to his presentation at the forum on June 4-5.

1.      -Your book The First Mile focuses on that critical moment when an innovator turns an idea into reality. How important are the embryonic stages of a business venture to longer-term success or failure?

Absolutely critical. I think Thomas Edison probably put it best when he said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Many businesses never get to the first mile – they stay stuck in the head of the would-be innovator. The vast majority of those that do fail. The decisions an innovator makes when they take that step from paper to reality can make all the difference.

Sabrina Gaete
May, 14,2014

WOBI contributing editor Forrest Jones caught up with Vivek Wadhwa before WOBI on Innovation for a quick Q&A session prior to his presentation at the forum that will take place on June 4-5. 

Name one or more industries you predict will cease to exist in the near future due to disruption. Any surprises?

It is not that industries will disappear—they will transform. The current leaders will not likely remain in their positions. Practically every industry that is affected by technology will be impacted.

Take manufacturing. It already is cheaper to manufacture in the US using robots than in China. Manufacturing is trickling back to the US already. Later in the decade, the trickle will become a flood. This will impact many other industries.

Finance will be impacted as technology disintermediates the middlemen—the banks and bankers; transportation will be impacted by self-driving cars and drones; education will be impacted when digital tutors put the MOOCs out of business; and our doctors will face competition by their smarter and more informed digital equivalents.

Monique Reece
Mar, 31,2014
Author, Speaker, Founder of MarketSmarter

Creating a Customer Advisory Board can help you achieve several customer objectives. They are often used to gather customer insight, but they can be implemented for several other purposes: