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World of Business Ideas


WOBI is the home of actionable ideas from people shaping the business world.


Discover the latest trends, the most up-to-date thinking, and the inspiration to help you and your company grow.


We travel the world to seek out and connect you to the leaders, thinkers, actors and disruptors who are shaping the future of business.


And we bring them to you through…







We are inspired by a conviction that our world has an ever greater need for simple and powerful ideas, constant inspiration and exciting, new visions of the future.

WOBI: Building better businesses, better people, a better world.


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WOBI Events:

Transformational live experiences for thousands of business executives.


From our flagship World Business Forum events, to those focused on key management topics including WOBI on Innovation, WOBI on Leadership, WOBI on Marketing, and WOBI on Entrepreneurship, these are must-attend events for decision makers in the global executive community. In cities around the world we gather business icons, global leaders, brilliant minds, and legendary CEOs to discuss the issues and trends that are shaping the future of business.

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A unique blend of challenging, inspiring and entertaining programming.


Reaching more than 16 million homes, WOBI TV presents business as you’ve never seen it before.  Documentaries, special reports, reality shows, and interviews featuring the leaders, entrepreneurs and experts who are shaping the business landscape; the companies that are pushing boundaries and leading innovation; the hottest topics on the business agenda.

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WOBI Magazine:

Latin America's leading management publication.


Published bi-monthly for the past 17 years, WOBI Magazine features practical case studies; cutting edge ideas from the world’s leading experts; stories of “doers” from all corners of the planet.

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Watch the world’s most influential business thought leaders online.


On you’ll find all the conferences from WOBI Events on demand; more than 1,000 video shorts featuring ideas, insights and practical tips from experts on every area of business; over 2,400 articles from WOBI Magazine; the best programming from WOBI TV.  Become a WOBI Member to access all WOBI’s premium content and join a global community of those working to put ideas into action every day.

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WOBI is an initiative of HSM

More than 20 years ago HSM was born with a vision of inspiring current and future leaders through innovative experiences and ideas and so transforming the way business is done throughout the world.

From this vision came ExpoManagement and World Business Forum, events that each year gather thousands of executives with the most influential figures in business to listen, debate, and share the latest ideas, trends, and practices that are shaping the future of business.

HSM continued to grow through its Forums on Leadership, Marketing and Innovation, dedicated to deepening knowledge within specific topic areas; Gestión Magazine (now WOBI), a publication with more than 16 years of history and recognized as Iberoamerica’s leading management magazine; and ManagemenTV (now WOBI), the world’s first television channel dedicated exclusively to business.

Our partners on this journey are LIV Capital.