Breakout sessions to help attendees put into practice the ideas and concepts that are revolutionising the world of business.

session 1:

Marketing & Sales

  • Better understand the customer – tracking, social media, analytics
  • User & Customer Experience
  • Transform the sales experience
  • Offer synchronised omnichannel customer touchpoints
  • New devices: Mobile & Apps

session 2:

Change Management

  • Understanding the general spectrum of your organisation
  • Redefining the use of resources, processes and budgets to increasing operational agility
  • Improving performance management

session 3:


  • Business model innovation – digitally modifying existing models or creating new models
  • Product innovation – connectivity, personalisation – new products that service changing needs

session 4:

Leadership & Talent

  • Creating new organisational ecosystems
  • Break down silos and cultivate collaboration
  • Forge a digital mindset