Breakout sessions to help attendees put into practice the ideas and concepts that are revolutionising the world of business.

session 1:

Virtual Reality (VR)

A case study: Using immersive VR to transport students to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and beyond

  • Case studies of collaborations between Torrens University Australia, the ABC and international experts
  • New methods for creating highly immersive VR is leading a revolution in how students learn
  • Learning more about the benefits of VR through research and how it can increase knowledge retention, engagement and empathy

session 2:

Data led digital transformation

Isuzu’s Data Led Digital Transformation

  • Achieving single-customer view
  • Data quality and management approach
  • Gradual and systematic approach to projects
  • Stakeholder management – across internal teams, agencies and technology partners
  • Multi-cloud decision

session 3:

Creative Technologies

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cyber security

  • Case study of Torrens University Australia’s approach to creative technology and their partnership with Amazon and IBM
  • Case study of Laureate Australia and New Zealand ‘s innovative use of creative technologies in their digital marketing strategy