Whitney Johnson

Via videoconference


Expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption

Recognised as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers Johnson is best known for her work on driving corporate innovation through personal disruption. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work and the upcoming book Build an “A” Team: Play To Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve.
Johnson developed her proprietary framework and diagnostics after having co-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen. This framework is complemented by a deep understanding of how executives create and destroy value, having spent nearly a decade as an Institutional Investor ranked equity analyst on Wall Street.

How to create The “A” Team

  • How to keep your team doing their best even in the face of uncertainty
  • Understand the relationship between high performance, engagement and learning
  • How to Design Jobs that Maximise Learning and Engagement
  • Disclosure of the seven-step process to advance the learning curve