Lisa MacCallum


Entrepreneur and expert in Innovation and Leadership

Lisa MacCallum is an internationally recognised business and thought leader specialising in how to build resilient, distinctive, purpose-driven companies. Author of the widely celebrated book Inspired INC: Become a Company the World Will Get Behind, she advises leading brands in long-term strategy, consumer positioning and business turnarounds.

As a Vice President at Nike, she led Nike USA’s Growth Strategy, the Nike Foundation and Nike’s Global Community Impact efforts. Lisa is now Founder and President of Inspired Companies. Helping companies navigate the accelerating pace and complexity of the 21st Century marketplace.

Leading Your Organisation to the Next Level

  • Recognising the new operating paradigm faced by organisations today and how to turn it into an advantage
  • Resilience. Agility. Distinction. Advantage: Cultivating the characteristics of 21st Century competitive advantage
  • The new CEOs in charge of your business: How Consumers, Employees and Outsiders can make or break a business faster than ever before
  • How to inspire all your stakeholders to support the positive transformation of your organisation