Kelly Peters
Expert in Behavioural Science

Kelly Peters is the CEO and Co-Founder of BEworks, the first management consulting firm dedicated to the practice of applying behavioral science to strategy, marketing, operations. She has overseen the launch of several new business ventures that capitalised on insights into consumer behavior and is passionate about bringing scientific thinking to business.

Kelly’s interest in behavioral science stems back to the late 90s when working on behavioral scoring models in credit risk and online distribution models, evolved through behavioral finance, and finally culminated in 2008 when she embraced behavioral economics as the most reliable approach to executing strategy.

Among the first to see the commercial potential of the Web in 1993, Kelly spent several years in the dot-com industry before focusing on financial services, where she spent 12 years leading complex innovation projects providing her with a rich background in innovation, technology, and human behavior. Kelly is a Faculty Lecturer of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and regularly lectures at Cornell, Harvard, and other academies.

Behavioural Science and the Consumer

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  From pricing to product design, from user experience to sales – techniques for tackling your biggest marketing challenges

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