Geoff Martin

Expert in managerial decision making and cognition

Geoff Martin is an expert in managerial decision making and cognition. A Professor of Strategy at Melbourne Business School, his focus is on finding the intersection between purpose, values and strategy. In addition to consulting and coaching through Melbourne Business School’s Executive Education department, Geoff teaches MBA courses in business strategy, corporate strategy and social enterprise consulting. He is a thought leader in developing strategic frameworks for social enterprises and indigenous organisations.

With an MBA from Melbourne Business School, Geoff has held various roles in strategy consulting and banking in different parts of the world, ranging from Vice President at Credit Suisse in London and Singapore to Team Leader at Raleigh International youth development charity in Patagonia, Chile and consultant to Rafael HIV Services in Grahamstown, South Africa. He completed his PhD at IE Business School (Madrid) and his research has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Business Ethics.

Bringing Purpose to Life
  • What is a purpose and why the concept of purpose has gained so much traction in recent times
  • How purpose, values and vision can be used at a personal level in addition to the organisational level and how do the two overlap
  • How to connect purpose with mission, vision and strategy
  • What for profit organisations can learn from great social enterprises or sports teams about purpose and values led strategies