David Thodey


Chair of CSIRO and former chair of Telstra

Former CEO of Telstra and current Chairman of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, David Thodey builds extraordinary teams and winning cultures by creating career opportunities that challenge and enable top talent to have an impact in the workplace. An accomplished board chairman and director, Thodey has extensive experience in information and communications technology (ICT), digital business, data and digital services. Prior to Telstra, Thodey held various senior marketing and sales positions at IBM including Chief Executive Officer of IBM Australia/New Zealand, while also taking part in a number of Harvard Education programs. Today, Thodey currently leads a review of the Federal Financial Relationship between the Commonwealth and State of NSW, while also serving as Deputy Chair of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Re-defining the Future of Innovation

  • Re-thinking and establishing innovation as a behavior to drive change throughout organizations
  • How a culture can move from slow-moving and bureaucratic to dynamic, fast-paced and self-driven
  • Technology trends and directions