Amy Jacobson


Expert on emotional Intelligence and Human Behaviours

Amy Jacobson is an EI and human behaviour specialist, delivering emotional intelligence insights & workshops across Australia and the international markets.

As the Wiley published Author of Emotional Intelligence: A simple and actionable guide to increasing performance, engagement and ownership’,  and a Media Personality across television, radio and print, Amy’s mission is to break down misconceptions around E.I. and help as many people as possible to increase their emotional intelligence.

With over 19 years’ experience of more than doubling engagement and market brand scores, whether the focus is on corporate workshops, keynote speaking, corporate programs and workshops or 1:1 coaching, both her passion and her determination to help people to grow and Find their ‘y’ is unparalleled. 

Combining her balance of tough love and infectious energy, using custom- developed tools and systems, Amy creates purpose-driven teams who get results!

Building an EI mindset

  • Identify the 5 key factors of EI, what they mean and how to develop the main qualities
  • Leveraging the subconscious mind to resolve the underlying problem
  • The emotional brain and how it drives our reactions