Rebecca Henderson

Harvard Professor and foremost authority on sustainable business and innovation

A Professor at Harvard University, Rebecca Henderson is one of the most articulate and insightful academic scholars on the influential role business can play in ensuring a more sustainable future. Her most recent research explores the ways in which firms can successfully respond to the next great challenge of building a sustainable economy. She has a joint appointment at the Harvard Business School (HBS) in the General Management and Strategy units and is the Co-Chair of the Business and Environment Initiative.

Professor Henderson’s latest book, Reimagining Capitalism in A World on Fire will be published in April 2020, and will offer a new intellectual framing for a capitalism that can simultaneously make a positive societal impact and deliver sustained financial performance to ensure economic growth. She is an advisor to some of the world’s leading companies in the sustainability space and is also a research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. In 2018 Henderson was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Reimagining Capitalism
  • How capitalism can be a force for tackling the biggest challenges we face as a global society
  • Why the framework of private enterprise requires a fundamental re-imagination
  • How business’ commitment to solving “big problems” can unlock creative thinking across organizational boundaries that drive the most significant innovation
  • Navigating a world faced with unprecedented challenges, but also with extraordinary opportunities