Matthew Weatherley-White


Impact investor and co-founder of the CAPROCK Group

Matthew Weatherley-White was formerly a co-founder and managing director of The CAPROCK Group, a family office based in Boise with over $3bb in assets under management. He has been a professional investor for nearly 25 years, and has spent the last decade as the architect of $1bb in dedicated impact capital, one of the largest pools of diversified impact-oriented capital in the world. Matthew devotes his time to helping others understand how the evolution of capitalism and how capital markets can be used as a force for good, traveling the world to advance the evolutionary understanding around impact investing.

The Evolution of Capitalism

  • Understanding the inevitable evolution of capitalism – from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman and beyond
  • How capitalism can it be a force for tackling the biggest challenges we currently face as a global society
  • Understanding the “sub-oceanic earthquakes” that are producing “tsunamis” of change in order to position your company for success
  • What individual leaders can do as they look to allocate resources and take decisions about their company’s future