Magnus Scheving


Entrepreneur and Creator of Lazy Town

Creator, director and protagonist of the successful children’s television series LazyTown, Magnus Scheving has taken advantage of his infectious creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to promote the nutrition and health of children into a global brand. Broadcasted in more than 170 countries and reaching over 500 million homes, LazyTown has won various awards including a BAFTA, renowned US Telly Awards, and has received two Emmy award nominations. The company is responsible for producing books, videos, games, and sporting goods with the mission to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle to children. The TV series remains Scheving’s core asset as it continues to be broadcast worldwide.

LazyTown: The Journey from Personal Mission to Global Brand

  • The philosophies and beliefs that underpin the most successful leaders
  • Keys to staying creative: How to embrace risk and move out of your comfort zone
  • The role of the leader in developing a recognizable and lasting style for your brand
  • Redefining profit: Building a company ethic that focuses on more than finance
  • Cultivating the positive attitudes that will allow your organization to flourish