Innovation Fieldtrip

When: November 13th, 2018

Cost: $750

Guided by the experienced innovation practitioners of FutureLeaderNow, this Fieldtrip provides a unique opportunity for participants to experience firsthand organizations who are living “exponential” through their leadership, organization, culture, and impact. During the Fieldtrip, we will visit two diverse companies (to be named) that will take us behind the scenes to take deep dive into the themes of this year’s World Business Forum:


  • Speed over certainty
  • Abundance over scarcity
  • Networks over hierarchy
  • Empowerment over control


We will end the day with a discussion and summary of our learnings, translating them into insights that you can bring back to your own organizations. New connections will be made, and you will walk away energized and inspired!


What companies will we visit?

This year we will be visiting Google and one other innovative organization (to be named) that focus on the importance of maximizing the energy and passion of their people and technologies to create exponential impact. Past organizations we have visited on prior World Business Forum Fieldtrips are Ritz Carlton, Whole Foods, Next Jump, Roland Foods, Johnson & Johnson Design Lab, MasterCard Tech Hub, IBM Watson W Hotels and more.


Why will we visit Google?

Google’s name is synonymous with iteration and pushing the envelope in every endeavor.  From how they develop their people to do their very best to the way they approach innovation and product development, Google shows us a path to exponential that puts people at the center, and utilizes technology to its fullest.


Attendee Testimonials:

“In our daily battles at work, we are forced to focus on urgent, short term matters. This Fieldtrip lets us take time to instead focus on the important, long-term matters. It provokes thought about how to be proactive rather than reactive. The time invested here can renew your mind and energy about what it means to build the right kind of team and culture.” – Brandon Glenn, Regional Manager, Okuma America Corp.


“The personal touch of the field trip really balances the impersonal 2-days of sitting at the WOBI conference with 3500 people in a huge auditorium.”


Cancellation policy:

Cancellation policy is subject to Future Leader Now terms and conditions. According to their cancelation policy, there will be a 100% refund of the registration fee if cancellation takes place 30 days before the Fieldtrip (cancel by EOD Friday, October 12th, 2018).


WOBI does not hold responsibilities for cancellation or refunds. Please contact Future Leader Now for further details.