Don Peppers


Authority on Customer-Focused Business Strategies

Highly acclaimed best-selling author, business strategist, and marketing futurist Don Peppers has educated and motivated audiences worldwide with presentations and workshops focused on how businesses can compete in a dynamic, technologically fast-moving world. Named by Accenture as one of the top “100 Business Intellectuals,” Peppers has written nine books with business partner Martha Rogers, including The One to One Future which put forward a paradigm-shifting idea about the business implications of interactivity that soon evolved into the global CRM movement.

Aligning Your Organization Around Customer Centric Principles

  • Customer Insight and Empathy: How to understand what different needs your different customers have.
  • Extreme trust:  What it means to always act in your customers’ interests
  • Aligning incentives with the value customers create:  Rewarding the long-term value created by customer-centric successes
  • The challenge of getting value from employees