Charlene Li


Leading expert on Digital Transformation and disruptive growth strategies

For the past two decades, Charlene Li has been helping people see the future. She’s the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership and the critically acclaimed book, Groundswell. Her latest book, The Disruption Mindset, was published in 2019. She was also the founder of Altimeter Group, an analyst firm that was acquired in 2015 by Prophet.

Named by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in business, Li is an expert on digital transformation and disruptive growth strategies. Her deep knowledge of leadership, strategy, interactive media and marketing gives her unique insight into the changing business landscape.

The Disruption Mindset – Transforming and Reinventing Your Business

  • Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt. How to develop the confidence and courage to take the first step toward transformation
  • Revealing the top ways to drive disruptive growth
  • Planning for Disruption. Reform your strategic planning process to be continuous.
  • Focus on the Future Customer. Why this skill is at the heart of disruptive organizations and how it keeps them focused on the future.