Alicia Hare

Personal Leadership

Expert in personal leadership and organizational development

Alicia Hare, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Tournesol, a leadership consulting firm that partners with CEOs, their teams, and organizations in times of significant change. Alicia’s unique “leading brighter” approach helps CEOs and C-suite leaders of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies harness the full power of their platform to elevate performance and improve the quality of people’s lives. Her efforts have resulted in large-scale organizational transformation, sustainable business results, and meaningful social change. Alicia is the author of The Unfolding Path: A Way to Live and Lead in Our Times, which inspires and guides leaders to do the deep inner work required to step up and lead others to a brighter future.

Creating Your Leadership Story

  • How can leaders help their organizations and the world thrive in a time of increasing uncertainty and volatility

  • Four steps to imagining a brighter future for you and your company

  • Developing a leadership narrative to inspire your teams and shape your legacy

  • How to rally teams, organizations and industries to create lasting, impactful change