Alan Mulally

Organizational Leadership

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Ford Motor Company (2006-2014)

Globally recognized as one of the most respected business leaders of our age, Alan Mulally served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company and as a member of Ford’s board of directors from 2006 to 2014. He led Ford’s transformation into one of the world’s leading automobile companies and the #1 automobile brand in the United States. Prior to joining Ford, Mulally served as President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and President of Boeing Information, Space, and Defense Systems. Mulally is a member of the United States National Academy of Engineering and a fellow of England’s Royal Academy of Engineering.

Leadership: Cultural Transformation

  • Developing and communicating an inspiring vision that will unite and focus your people
  • Presenting the Working Together management system: Principles and practices for ensuring accountability and collaboration
  • Rethinking external relationships with suppliers and customers: From win/lose to win/win
  • Paving the path for outstanding execution: Relentless implementation based on facts and data