Mario Alonso Puig


Surgeon, and expert on motivation, creativity and communication

Associate physician at Harvard University and specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig has dedicated much of his life exploring the impact that mental processes have on the deployment of our talents and levels of health, including the energy and well-being that we experience. Puig also investigates how human potential emerges, especially in times of challenge, uncertainty and change. As one of the top researchers in human intelligence, Puig developed a methodology to produce the development of Interpersonal Intelligence, and imagination using scientific knowledge to highlight the close relationship between our ability to think clearly and our physiology and emotions. His most noteworthy books include Now Me and his most recent bestseller, Reinventing Yourself.

Expanding your state of consciousness to discover new opportunities

  • Purpose, the human condition, and its implications for business and life
  • Contemplative neuroscience: The impact of mindfulness on health, mental balance and efficiency
  • Discoveries of affective neuroscience and personal and professional transformation through service-based leadership
  • Towards a new way of approaching conflicts that block organizations and freeing the imagination to co-create a world of abundance and prosperity for all