Don Tapscott


Influential management thinker

Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of digital technology on business and society. He has authored more than 15 books, including Wikinomics and Paradigm Shift, which have popularized a variety of concepts related to the digital era and helped the business world understand the power and impact of digital technology and innovation. His most recent work is focused on revealing the transformative potential of blockchain for business and beyond.

Tapscott’s most recent and ambitious book, co-authored with his son, is Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Underlying Bitcoin is Changing Business, Money and the World. In 2017, Don and Alex co-founded the Blockchain Research Institute whose 70+ projects are the definitive investigation into blockchain strategy, use-cases, implementation challenges and organisational transformations.

Don Tapscott is a member of the Order of Canada and an Adjunct Professor at the Rotman School of Management and Chancellor of Trent University in Ontario. It is hard to imagine anyone who has been more prolific, profound, and influential in elucidating today’s technological revolutions and their impact on the world.

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