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Organised and curated by WOBI each year in cities across the Americas, Europe and Asia, World Business Forum is a two-day event that brings together thousands of restless minds united by their passion for business.


They come to learn from and be inspired by some of the world’s most renowned figures from business and beyond – a blend of content comprised of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists and sportspeople.


In a world of information overload, World Business Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s businesspeople, stimulating new thinking and inspiring action. It also provides a unique networking environment to connect with like-minded professionals.

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1 — Terms and conditions of registration, payment and participation in the HSM Italia Srl.

1.1 — Participation: to participate it’s necessary to completely fill out this registration form and pay the corresponding fee. The participant’s names must be indicated at the time of registration. Changes can be made up to 45 days before the event.

1.2 — Confirmation: the registration to the event should be confirmed by email/fax of the company indicated in the registration.

1.3 — Cancellation and refund: cancellation is possible up to 45 days before the event by communicating with HSM Italia Srl, Fontana 18 – 20122 Milan, Italy. 20% of the total registration must be paid for processing fees. After this time period, cancellation will not be possible.

1.4 — Event program: HSM Italia Srl reserves the right to modify the event program without previously communicating.

In accordance with articles 1341 and 1342 of the Codice Civile Italiano, these clauses are accepted:

1.5 — (HSM Italia Srl reserves the right to modify the event program without previously communicating) According to the article 13 D.Lgs.n. 196/03 – Protection of privacy The personal information given in the registration form will be used for event registration, statistics and for sending commercial information about products and services offered by HSM Italia Srl, for other societies of the same group or for sponsors of the event, which will communicate said personal information through the provision of different medias, strictly for these purposes. The solicited information in the form is obligatory and the omission of this information will make the registration process impossible. After registration, the person has the right to:

  • Update, modify or integrate the information;
  • Cancel, transform the form anonymously or block the used information in compliance with the law, including the information for which the conservation in relation to the fines for that said information was taken and used later is not necessary;
  • The confirmation of the operations a) and b) were communicated in total to the companies that directly or indirectly are going to have access to the information, except those cases in which their fulfillment is impossible or involves the use of means obviously disproportionate to the right to protection.

1.6 — The interested has the right to object, totally or partially:

  • The information processing, including for the purposes of collecting:
  • The processing of personal information concerning the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct sales or marketing research or commercial communication. The control holder is the company HSM Italia Srl, Fontana 18-20122 Milan, and the sponsors of the initiative which such information has been communicated. The holder may exercise the rights of Article 7 of the D. Lgs. N. 196/03 (access, integration, rectification, opposition, cancellation) HSM Italia Srl writing, to the attention from the controller of personal information and sponsors. The complete list of sponsors of the initiative is available upon request. After reading the information, the applicant agrees to the processing of personal information in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this policy above, and through the provision of fax number, email address and/or phone number allows the use of this information for sending commercial information, and dissemination of the information provided to third parties.

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We are faced with an unprecedented opportunity:


  • An opportunity to grow our businesses exponentially
  • An opportunity to cultivate extraordinary performance among our teams
  • An opportunity to develop an organizational culture that will empower success for years to come


We are also faced with a series of dynamic new business challenges.  The time is now. It is the moment to act.

A moment when human capital and technology working together can be the fundamental driver of growth. A moment to leverage the collective power of the talent both inside our organizations and out.

To create competitive advantages that are both deeply relevant and differentiated.

To focus our marketing strategies on a more profound understanding of habits and behaviors that allow us to take better decisions.

To implement more efficient and profitable operational processes.

To drive an innovation culture that allows us to respond more effectively to ever-changing markets.

This is the moment to make the transformation happen.

Welcome to the era of people

Welcome to the era of technology

An era where those organizations capable of tapping into the power of combined expertise working in unison with technology will shape the future of business.

Welcome to the era of

Simon Sinek
Author and leadership expert

"If your actions
inspire others to
dream more, learn
more, do more
and be more,
you are a leader"

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