Ian Williamson

Dean of the Wellington School of Business

Professor Ian O. Williamson is the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Business School at Victoria University, Wellington (New Zealand) and Research Fellow of the Melbourne Business School (Australia). Prof. Williamson’s research focuses on how the development of effective “talent pipelines” can enhance organizational and community outcomes.

Williamson has worked with executives in over 20 countries across six continents helping organizations understand how human and social capital influences firm operational and financial outcomes, talent management in the context of new ventures and growth-oriented firms, the role of human resource practices in driving firm innovation and the impact of social issues on firm outcomes.

Williamson is the recipient of numerous awards including the Academy of Management Human Resource Division best paper award and the Academy of Management Best Practices Mentoring Award. Williamson has also provided consulting services for a wide range of organizations such as ANZ, Etihad Airlines, McCormick & Company, Melbourne Water, PWC, Lockheed Martin and NAB among many others.

Leading Your Organization Through the Complexities of Change
  • The dramatic shift in the competitive landscape of the last ten years – and the management challenges they present
  • Why the greatest threats to firm performance are not commercial issues but social issues
  • The key leadership behaviors individuals should adopt in order to harness the opportunities created by major social challenges
  • How leaders can help their organizations and communities adapt, survive and thrive