We are excited to announce that on June 5th, starting at 6pm, there will be the opportunity to participate in one of two exclusive workshops with either Simon Sinek or Gary Hamel.  These 90-minute sessions will run simultaneously and provide an opportunity to interact, learn and be inspired by one of today’s most influential management figures.  Limited seats available.

Start time:


90 minutes

GBP250 for WBF attendees. GBP500 for non-WBF attendees.

Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel - WBF Sydney

Strategies for Building Human-Centric Organizations

Join Gary Hamel’s masterclass on how to build innovative organisations for the future overcoming bureaucracy

The Executive forum will give attendees the opportunity to delve more deeply into the tools and strategies they can use to “humanize” their organizations. Hamel will show you how to

  • Calculate your organization’s BMI–Bureaucracy Mass Index.
  • Crowdsource the challenge of dismantling bureaucracy.
  • Rout bureaucratic behaviours.
  • Make leaders truly accountable to the led.

During the Executive Forum you will also have the opportunity to hear first-person accounts from your peers on bureaucratic challenges for their organizations and themselves as leaders.

Together, we’ll identify solutions to make your companies more bold, open, and entrepreneurial.

Simon Sinek

Facing the Challenges of Leading with an Infinite Mindset

An opportunity to participate in an intimate shared learning experience with Simon Sinek, one of the world’s most influential thought leaders on leadership and organizational culture.

In this 90-minute session Simon will expand on the ideas he will present during his keynote session at the World Business Forum sharing his unique and powerful insights on leadership, mindset and trust.

It will be a unique opportunity to engage directly with Simon and get answers to some of the key leadership and management challenges facing you and your organization.