Jeff Immelt - WBF Sydney

Jeff Immelt was the 9th Chairman of GE and served as CEO for 16 years, transforming GE into a simpler, stronger, and more focused digital industrial company. Immelt revamped the company’s strategy, global footprint, workforce, and culture, positioning it for the future. During his tenure, industrial earnings doubled and GE returned $143 billion in dividends, more than in the cumulative history of the company.

Gary Hamel is one of the world’s most influential and iconoclastic business thinkers who has led transformational efforts in some of the world’s most notable companies helping to create billions of dollars in shareholder value. Hamel has been on the faculty of the London Business School for more than 30 years and is the director of the Management Innovation eXchange.

Gary Hamel - WBF Sydney
Marcus Buckingham - WBF Sydney

Marcus Buckingham is a global researcher and thought leader focused on unlocking strengths, increasing performance and pioneering the future of how people work.  His hugely influential books – including First, Break All the Rules, Now, Discover Your Strengths, and The One Thing You Need to Know – offer important insights into maximizing strengths and understanding the crucial differences between leadership and management. His upcoming book, Nine Lies about Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World, details how faulty assumptions, wrong thinking is running through our organisational lives.

Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of technology on business and society. He has authored more than 15 books, including Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, and has been advancing groundbreaking concepts for over 3 decades. His 1992 bestseller, Paradigm Shift, helped coin this seminal management concept, and The Digital Economy, changed business thinking about the transformational nature of the Internet. Two years later he helped popularise the terms “Net Generation” and “the Digital Divide” in Growing Up Digital.

Don Tapscott - WBF Sydney
Susan David - WBF Sydney

Susan David, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading management thinkers and an award winning Harvard Medical School psychologist. Her new #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Emotional Agility based on the concept Harvard Business Review heralded as a Management Idea of the Year, describes the psychological skills critical to thriving in times of complexity and change.

Martha Rogers has written nine international bestsellers with business partner, Don Peppers, that collectively sold well over a million copies in 18 languages. Her counsel and insight are sought by Fortune 500 and Blue Chip executives who are trying to crack the code on customer measurement and value, trust, innovation, and the effect of emerging technologies.

Juan Enríquez

Juan Enriquez is one of those unique individuals who lives in the future and works on the cutting edge of discovery. He was the Founding Director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project, is an active investor in early-stage private companies in the life sciences sector, and is one of the world’s leading authorities on the uses and benefits of genomic research.

Stephen M. R. Covey is the bestselling author of The SPEED of Trust—The One Thing That Changes Everything. He is the former CEO of Covey Leadership Center, which, under his stewardship, became the largest leadership development company in the world. Stephen personally led the strategy that propelled his father’s book, Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, to become one of the two most influential business books of the 20th Century, according to CEO Magazine.

Stephen MR Covey - WBF Sydney
Charlene Li - WBF Sydney

Charlene is a Principal Analyst at Altimeter, a prophet company, and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership. She is also the coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business books in 2008. Her newest book, The Engaged Leader, was published in March 2015. Her deep knowledge of leadership, strategy, interactive media and marketing gives her unique insight into the changing business landscape.