Lynda Gratton

Lynda Gratton

Foremost expert on the future of work and organisational behavior

Lynda Gratton has worked with companies around the world to draw up a picture of the Future of Work. She is also a Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she teaches ‘Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies’ – considered the world’s leading program on human resources. Her 2012 book, The Shift, analyses the impact of the changing world on corporate practices and processes and on leadership.

Gratton has a natural knack for recognising key trends and identifying the ways in which businesses can respond to them in order to remain dynamic, innovative and competitive. Over the course of her career, Gratton founded the Hot Spots Movement and since 2008 has led the Future of Work Research Consortium which brings together executives from more than 100 companies both virtually and on a bespoke collaborative platform.

In her publications, Gratton has written extensively about the interface between people and organisations and has forecasted what work will look like in the future and how corporations should adapt their work practices. In 2012, The Shift received the best book of the year in Japan and has been translated into more than 15 languages. In 2015, The Key won the CMI Management Book of the Year. Her most recent publication in 2017, The 100 Year Life, was shortlisted for the FT Business Book of the Year, became the best selling book in Japan and has been translated into 15 languages.

Leading Organisational Change
  • How leaders successfully generate organisational change and learning in fast-paced and challenging environments
  • Dawn of The 100-year Life: What this means for selection and development and for mentoring and coaching
  • The impact of a changing world on the future of work: Learn about the skills and the behavior you need to remain competitive
  • Your role as a leader and how to future-proof your organisation’s people strategies against change