WOBI Solutions has the unique ability to offer audiovisual programming appropriate for your business, providing a seamless and efficient way to increase the knowledge capital of the organization.

Corporate TV

wobi solutions tv

Corporate TV is an online management platform designed for employees and customers in a company.


  • Videos, articles, documentaries, success stories, blogs and more. Interaction between users through internal chat and thruways.
  • LMS module and tests online
  • Monthly report to analyze objectives achieved
  • Simple access from any enabled device.
  • Maintenance and periodic update
  • Possibility of an additional APP.

WOBI Newsletter

wobi solutions newsletter
  • Featuring the most relevant and useful business content from the world´s leading thinkers, doers and icons.
  • Aligns projects development and training.
  • Allows customizing the content seeking a balance between the development and entertain-ment.
  • Synthetic and attractive visually presentation.
  • Universal Scope.
  • Adaptation of content and complete design.

WOBI E-Magazine

wobi solutions magazine
  • Periodic Update editions.
  • Featuring videos, articles, blogs and WOBI interviews.
  • Incorporation of contents internal to search synergies.


wobi solutions app
  • Take essential WOBI Content with you wherever you go.
  • Content adapted to mobile world: playlist, blogs, phrases, community. Viewing Videos.
  • View and download articles in PDF.
  • Sections internal customer.

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