Upcoming Events

WOBI on Innovation

with Gary Hamel

26, 27 & 28 of January

 Hamel will teach you how to upgrade your own creative capital and to become a powerful catalyst for innovation across your organization.

WOBI on Growth Strategy

with Rita McGrath

2, 3 & 4 of March

Rita McGrath will help you build a successful strategy and will offer the tools to manage strategic growth in uncertain environments.

WOBI on Organizational Culture

with Adam Grant

22 & 23 of March


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WOBI on Strategy

The legacy event of Michael Porter, WOBI on Strategy is a unique opportunity to learn directly from the father of modern business strategy what it takes to compete in a volatile marketplace.

WOBI on Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman shares the keys to become a great leader, how to achieve high performance leadership and the steps to building an emotionally intelligent organization.

WOBI on Business Transformation

Charlene Li will show us to apply disruption and creativity to transform our company in this new era of change. Discover an opportunity for exponential growth.

WOBI on Change Management

Tom Peters, one of the most influential Management experts in the world, explains how we can successfully handle change and overcome disruption through leadership and effective execution.

WOBI on Customer Centricity

Learn with Don Peppers why customer experience should be a fundamental part of your business strategy and how to align your organization around customer centric principles.

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