19-20 July | WOBI on Talent and Growth with Whitney Johnson
Please, return here on July 19th to access the live Masterclass.
In this 2-day digital masterclass, Whitney Johnson, an expert in disruptive innovation and personal disruption, will share the keys to driving corporate innovation and the tools to develop and retain talented people within your organization.
Recognized as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers, Johnson is best known for her work on driving corporate innovation through personal disruption. Johnson is a bestselling author and published her latest book, Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company, in January 2022. She has also developed her proprietary framework and diagnostics after having co-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Clayton Christensen, father of the concept of “disruptive innovation”. This framework is complemented by a deep understanding of how executives create and destroy value, having spent nearly a decade as an Institutional Investor ranked equity analyst on Wall Street.
09:00AM Mexico City | 10:00AM New York, Bogotá, Lima, | 12:00AM Buenos Aires | 03:00PM London, Lisbon | 04:00PM Berlin, Madrid, Rome | 02:00AM Sydney (July 20 & 21)
Martin Lindstrom is one of the world’s premier brand building experts, advising Fortune 100 companies on how to build future-proof brands. He has carved out a niche as a global expert and pioneer in the fields of consumer psychology, brand marketing, and neuro-scientific research. He is a bestselling author of numerous publications including Small Data – The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends and Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. His most recent book is The Ministry of Common Sense.

08:00AM CDMX | 09:00AM New York, Bogotá, Lima, | 11:00AM Buenos Aires | 02:00PM UK, Lisbon | 03:00PM Berlin, Madrid, Rome |
11:00PM Sydney 

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