Highlights of the World Business Forum

WBF Bogotá 2018

An Audiovisual summary of the World Business Forum Bogotá 2018.
The most important business event in Latin America, now on demand!
Experts and doers share their business ideas.


Kelly Peters

The Post-Truth Era

Ian Williamson

A Crisis of Trust

Gary Hamel

Evolutionary & Innovation Advantages

Santiago Íñiguez de Ozoño

Leadership for the New Era

Randi Zuckerberg

Every Company is a Media Company

Jonah Berger

Be Customer Focused

Shawn Moon

Seeing Leadership Differently

Steve Wozniak

Passion, Experimentation & Success

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Videos: 8

Length: 5 – 15 minutes per video

Language: Original (English – Spanish) Without subtitules

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