John Davis

Pioneer and authority in family enterprise, family wealth and family office

John A. Davis is a pioneer recognised worldwide as an authority on issues of family businesses, wealth and family office. Since 1970 he has been a leading researcher, author, consultant and speaker in the field of family businesses and is the creator of the most impressive conceptual frameworks in the area.


Fundamental Principles in the administration of family businesses

  • Why do successful family businesses stand out from the rest?
  • The key principles for the effective management of the company and the family
  • Growth and Control: how to develop a solid strategy and keep the entrepreneur spirit alive
  • Conflict resolution in the family business

The family business cycle

  • Within the family business: financial stages, challenges and dilemmas
  • The cycles in the life of a family business and how to manage them effectively
  • Business, family and property: how the three dimensions of the company
    change over time
  • Leadership in “family systems”
  • How to be a winning leader when you are not part of the family

Corporate Governance in a family business

  • The roles, rights and responsibilities of the founders, leaders and family members
  • How to form effective management councils, family committees and advisory councils
  • How to develop corporate plans and policies that promote commitment to the family business
  • How to create systems of evaluation and performance in the family business
  • How to remunerate, reward and retain the best of the company, whether they are part of the family or not

How to achieve continuity: keys to manage the succession

  • Preparing for departure: when the family leader leaves the company
  • How to prepare the next generation: the secrets to dealing with shareholders, family, professional managers and employees
  • The best tactics to handle changes in management, management structure and ownership of management