Partnering with WOBI will help increase the impact of projects related to your anual initiatives,
culminating in our World Business Forum conferences

Exposure and Brand Positioning

WOBI provides the perfect environment for a company to visually link its brand with the best business content, in front of a qualified top decision-making community
  • Logo presence in online website, business magazine & worldwide events
  • Booth / social space in promenade areas, during WBF
  • Traditional advertisement in WOBI TV channel
  • Digital campaign in (banner, pre-roll, & sponsored sections)

Customer Loyalty

People approaching to WOBI in search for inspiration & education, turn up having transformational experiences. It's the best opportunity to find thousands of ideal prospects in a same space, in the mood to make purchasing decisions and / or reinsure the will of keeping a valuable relationship with your company
  • Newsletters sent to client pipeline, with content specially curated for their interests
  • Exclusive invite emails sent to selected audience
  • Executive summaries post event, specially curated for target audience
  • Event passes for event to share with them a surpassing experience
  • Private sessions with keynote Speakers, a lifetime chance to share a meal of Q&A with world renowned personalities

Content Marketing

Align your business plan with our inspiring voice. Passionate about what we do for ourselves, we can do it for your company too: our aim is to help brands discover and tell thrilling stories.
  • Strategy: designing a plan to reach your brand's goals
  • Development: crafting stories that engage, educate and inspire to be published either as videos or written pieces
  • Distribution: posting in social media, running accounts and making sure your stories get seen, shared and take action.


Learn from a blend of Speakers, professors and thought leaders, whose message & lessons can inspire all in the quest of creating better people, better business and a better world
  • Field Trip: during events, we organize full day outings to the city to go behind-the-scenes of forward-thinking companies when it comes to new ways of working and innovation
  • Learning management system with a blend of WOBI's and your company's content.
  • E-learning courses & training programs
  • Live Events: unlock institutional knowledge. Come learn from a blend of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists and sportspeople. In a world of information overload, WOBI focuses on the issues most relevant in today's turmoiled world
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"The World Business Forum is a unique opportunity for inspiration and nerworking with business leaders. Its mission matches perfectly with the Porsche Consulting Mission: to make our companies more competitive through the excellence of its leaders."

/ Porsche Consulting

"WOBI provides Lufthansa Group with a unique plataform to reach business decision makers. An unparalleled event in all aspects. WOBI helps the sponsors to make the difference."

/ Lufthansa Group