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World Innovation Forum New York 2012

World Innovation Forum New York 2012 New York City Center | West 55th Street New York City Center | West 55th Street New York

June 20th-21st. Live coverage on our blog, following #WIFNY, and on Facebook

June 20-21, 2012 | New York City Center

Watch it Live!: due to limited capacity and for those who are not able to attend in person, WOBI, in partnership with WSJ Live, now provides access to live streaming of the 2012
World Innovation Forum straight from your office or personal computer.
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Our concept of innovation continues to expand and transform. It is no longer limited to one person or company, innovation is open and disruptive, multi-disciplinary and global. Collaboration is essential and reinforced by rapid, multi-faceted networks of communication: digital, mobile and interactive. This year, the most successful organizations will be the ones who know where to discover the potential of, and lead innovation… and it only takes one spark.

The World Innovation Forum brings together a whole new group of experts and practitioners who are shaping the way we do business. 

Get to know our speakers

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Ray Kurzweil
Exploring the Next Level
JUN 21 ../event/schedule/2749/2735
Mohanbir Sawhney
Making Sense of the Experiential Side of Innovation
JUN 20 ../event/schedule/2752/2735
Jane McGonigal
Fostering Next Generation Innovators
JUN 20 ../event/schedule/2899/2735
Clay Shirky
Consumers as Collaborators
JUN 20 ../event/schedule/2758/2735
Guy Kawasaki
Innovation: The Art and the Spark
JUN 20 ../event/schedule/2769/2735
Sir Ken Robinson
Rediscovering Our Own Creative Geniuses
JUN 21 ../event/schedule/2774/2735
Scott Cook
Entrepreneurialism and Technology
JUN 20 ../event/schedule/2780/2735
Henry Chesbrough
Open Innovation Comes of Age
JUN 21 ../event/schedule/2900/2735
Russell Stevens
Creative Social Engagement
JUN 20 ../event/schedule/3501/2735
Jean-Claude Biver
The Passion to Create Value
JUN 21 ../event/schedule/3685/2735
Andrew Winston
The Innovative Opportunities in Going Green