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World Innovation Forum Leon 2013

World Innovation Forum Leon 2013 Poliforum León Poliforum León Guanajuato

Conceptual, creative, disruptive

May 29-30, 2013 | Poliforum León, Guanajuato

We live in an era dominated by ideas, and where the rules evolve. The talent necessary to adapt our organizations is less obvious and more diverse, less measurable and more comprehensive, less tactful but more strategic.

The future awaits those who are audacious enough to push the limits and transform industries and disciplines, who are open to coming trends but curious enough to explore their contradictions…and be innovators.


Get to know our speakers

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Clayton Christensen
Disruptive Innovation
MAY 30 ../event/schedule/65175/63051
Luke Williams
Learning From the Usually Ignored and the Not So Obvious
MAY 30 ../event/schedule/65178/63051
Michael Martin
From a Marketing Strategy to a Global Movement
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Chris Anderson
From the Physical to the Digital World
MAY 29 ../event/schedule/65185/63051
Daniel Pink
To Sell is Human: The New ABCs of Moving Others
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Estanislao Bachrach
Brain at Work: Myths and Truths
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Pau Garcia-Milà
Making Ideas Triumph
MAY 29 ../event/schedule/95817/63051
Jorge Cuevas
LQ® A Compass for Innovation
MAY 30 ../event/schedule/118287/63051
Success Case: Mastretta Cars