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Mark Murphy
Jun, 19,2013
Founder & CEO of Leadership IQ

I’d love to earn a dollar every time somebody looks at the Google example and says, “It’s Google. They’re high-tech; they can get crazy and creative. We’re in another industry. We can’t be like that.”

Innovation isn’t a novelty of the high-tech industry.  Innovation is a processthat any organization can use to problem solve and to stay ahead of the competition. 

marcus fischer
Jun, 17,2013

With fluorescent yellow shoes and a bright red watch, Mauro Porcini stepped on stage.  His energy was infectious through his Italian accent as he paced back and forth on the stage. Mauro is the Chief Design Officer for PepsiCo. 

Designers typically have a unique view of the world. And Mauro’s is especially noteworthy. For example, he doesn’t blame consumers for not using products, instead be blames bad design. It’s a refreshing and important perspective. 

Clau Alderete
Jun, 14,2013
Social Media Manager @ WOBI

Is your company in need of some innovation and disruptive thinking? Looking for new ideas about converting business models? Do you know how to implement change? The second day of World Innovation Forum New York 2013 had answers to these questions and left us thinking of more. If you want to relive the event don’t forget that you can watch all conferences whenever you want if you are a WOBI Member.