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Trending: Social Businesses
Sep, 20,2012
Content Specialist

Imagine you are a sales agent and you attract an important business investment; however no one in your company ever finds out. Do you know your importance and value within your company? In a social business, everyone knows your achievements and recognizes you for them.

Social media has revolutionized how we communicate. However, it can also offer communication solutions internally within companies, adopted in order to avoid miscommunication, and nurture feedback and recognition of what each person achieves.

If an employee reaches their monthly or weekly objectives, their boss probably “likes” it, however, few times are congratulations made for these achievements. Similarly, when a boss takes action they might be unsure if it good or bad since feedback to superiors is rarely given.

Last year 70% of American businesses invested in internal social media tools. During the Salesforce event Dreamforce in San Francisco, WOBI attended the keynote speech of Marc Benioff, CEO of the company that was recently recognized as the most innovative businesses in North America, according to Forbes.

“Understanding what employees are talking about is essential to the growth of any business, because they are the people that operate it. A company with good communication is a successful one,” assured Benioff.

“It is a question of human nature that goes beyond economics. To be interested in and recognize your people, that generates a connection and commitment to the brand,” commented Tim Campos, Global CIO of Facebook, who took the stage to discuss Salesforce’s alliance with social media in order to develop a platform similar to Facebook, but with employees.

More than 90,000 executives from 65 countries came to San Francisco to listen to what is turning into a global business trend: social businesses that are interested in their employees as much as they are their clients.

There are three principal points that enrich social businesses:

1.       Alignment.  A business is more successful when workers have a clear objective and are aligned with the general strategy. According to an investigation of Savo Group, 40% of businesses have problems because of miscommunication within the company.

2.       Motivation. This is fundamental in order to achieve optimal performance from employees. According to a study done by Mark Tools, 76% of workers are unsatisfied with their jobs because they are not motivated by bosses, and of those 77% confirm that they would be willing to do more work if they were more motivated.

3.       Performance. The numerical way in which we measure performance is usually inefficient, because in some cases it has to do with a good employee in the wrong position.  According to a Reuters study, 80% of workers feel uncomfortable with performance revisions because they see it as a way to accuse rather than recognize.

To be a social business not only means implementing social tools internally and externally, it is a concept that goes even further and “is about optimizing resources to make a better world,” assures Benioff, who himself donates 1% of his earnings to the organization’s non-profit organizations.