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Define Your Reality
Mar, 26,2012

Despite the entrapment we may sometimes feel by our environment, the only person in control of our reality is each of us. Not to go off on a metaphysical tangent, but our perspective of situations affects our attitudes towards them, and in turn plays a role in defining the actuality. As leaders, this becomes even more important: we define the reality for ourselves, and for our company.

Tal Ben-Shahar, positive psychologist and speaker at last year’s World Business Forum New York City, World Business Forum Buenos Aires, and ExpoManagement Madrid, agrees that the environment we create for ourselves and those around us can make all the difference. He suggests focusing on what works instead of what doesn’t to generate a more positive environment. In relationships, jobs, friendships, or families, we should be asking ourselves questions about what is working rather than only looking for solutions to problems.

Learn more about being a positive leader in today’s video of the day from Ben-Shahar!