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4 Leadership Lessons From Professional Pilots
May, 09,2013

Have you ever thought of leaders as pilots? Although it sounds a little strange, there are a number of similarities between running a company for example and flying a plane. As mentioned in a recent article in both business leaders and pilots take a lot of people with them if they make a fatal error. Discover the four leadership lessons we can learn from professional pilots according to consultant and pilot Moe Glenner.

1. Don't assume you always know best.

What Glenner calls "know-it-all" pilots can get themselves and their passengers killed. "Consider the pilot who argues with air traffic control or ignores weather forecasts... or even ignores indications that the airplane is not performing optimally," he writes.  So when someone gives you a piece of advice, or tells you to follow a rule, at least take the time to consider that person may know something you don't.

2. Don't react to problems too quickly.

When a flight goes wrong, it's natural to feel compelled to do something immediately to fix the situation. But an overly fast reaction can do more harm than good.

3. Don't believe you're invulnerable.

It's human nature to think that because nothing has gone wrong so far, nothing ever will, but that's the kind of thinking that causes planes crashes.  In the business world, Glenner notes, the same kind of thinking can lead companies to either dismiss a risk, or have only vague plans for dealing with it. That creates a greater risk.

4. Don't go it alone.

Some pilots--and some entrepreneurs--develop a macho, I-can-do-it attitude that leads to trouble when they try to take on more than they can handle. The dangers of this behavior in an airplane are obvious, but it's dangerous in business too. If you are struggling with too much responsibility, too many hours of work, or tasks that you don't have the know-how to do--get help.

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