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The Science of Colors
May, 10,2013

For anyone interested in marketing and communication, this piece by Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich is well worth a read.  It focuses on the science of colors – how we react to them, what they communicate to us and why the tones that you choose to communicate and package your product may be one of the most critical decisions that you make.

I think most of us intuitively know that colors can play an important role in subtly transmitting an emotion or value but the article offers amore in depth look at just what emotions brands are trying to convey through the use of color.  This infographic in particular offers a fascinating insight into which brands are communicating what values through the primary color of their logo:


















Analytics company KISSMetrics has put together this infographic detailing how colors affect our purchases:
















Click through to the full article here and also discover:

·         Why there are certain colors you should avoid when communicating specifically to men or women – and others that are particularly attractive to the different sexes

·         How the color you choose for the PURCHASE button on your website can have a big impact on your conversion rates

·         Why hyperlinks are blue