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Innovation: What Matters Now
Apr, 03,2012

How do you win in a world of constant change, fierce competition and unstoppable innovation?  The answer, perhaps, is in the question.  Whether you're a small start up or a large corporation, it is innovation that needs to become the guiding principle that runs through the entire organization, allowing you to face up to the challenges and dilemas of today's business environment.  

One man who understads this better than most is Gary Hamel, renowned author and management professor (and speaker at this year's Expomanagement in Madrid).  Hamel has recently published a new book, What Matters Now, where he sets forth the need to reinvent how businesses are managed and rethink many of the established beliefs which have guided management for decades.

The success of companies in the coming years will depend on the change which they themselves are willing to undergo.  And the first thing Hamel proposes they should change, is the very way they approach change itself.  To learn more about Hamel's ideas on change, take a look our video of the day where he discusses the concept in more detail.