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A World Without Bosses
Mar, 08,2012

Video of the day

“The best bosses understand that their power comes not from maintaining control, but from devising ways to unleash more freedom, creativity, and contribution”. - Polly LaBarre

What are the characteristics that differentiate a good company from a great one? Watch the video of the day from innovation expert Polly LaBarre to find out.

Polly LaBarre, bestselling author on innovation and speaker at last year’s World Innovation Forum NYC, recognizes the unique period of change we are experiencing as the fundamental pillars of management and organizations are being rebuilt. Enjoy the video? See more in an article she published this week in Fortune on the conflictive relationship between the boss and employees, and the transformation of classic business roles as our organizations evolve.

Does your organization have a unique leadership structure? Have we reached an era where the manager is obsolete?