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Sabrina Gaete
Sep, 30,2014

1.      When you talk about today’s digital disruption, what are you referring to?

Sabrina Gaete
Sep, 17,2014

1.      In recent years you have put a lot of work into promoting management.  Can you explain briefly what you mean by management innovation and why you put so much emphasis on it as opposed to other forms of innovation such as product or business model innovation?

For me, the term “management” encompasses all the tools and processes we use to get things done in organizations.  Management includes activities such as planning, organizing, coordinating, evaluating, and controlling.  In this sense, management is the “social technology” human beings use to mobilize and organize resources for productive ends. Over the past century, fundamental advances in management—like the development of the divisionalized organization, strategic planning, kaizen and, more recently, open innovation have dramatically extended human capabilities.  Our research strongly suggests that management innovation has been, and continues to be, a critical source of competitive advantage.  Having said that, few companies have a well-developed process for continually innovating and evolving their management practices.

Mark Murphy
Sep, 10,2014
Founder & CEO of Leadership IQ
What is a Compliment Sandwich? Well, beyond being one of the worst management techniques ever invented, it's a way of trying to give critical feedback to somebody without making them feel bad. Basically, you give somebody a compliment, then you layer in a criticism, then you complete the sandwich with another compliment.
Here's how one training company describes the Compliment Sandwich process:
1. Decide where your employee needs to improve his/her performance.
2. Think of something that the employee does very well related to the situation. For instance, if the criticism is that the employee is often late to work, the compliment might be how they get straight to work once they arrive, or how they sometimes volunteer to stay late.
3. Choose another positive point to remark on. This compliment should be very loosely related to the above point.
So first you deliver a compliment. "Hey, Jon. Already deep in your work?  Wow, you just got here!"