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Monique Reece
Jan, 23,2014
Author, Speaker, Founder of MarketSmarter

Business strategy focused on cost cutting often results in winning short-term profit at the expense of creating long-term strategic value.

When companies make policy and operational changes to increase profitability without thinking through the ramifications it can have on other parts of the business, the result can often be disastrous to an organization. The trade-off may not be a conscious decision at the time, which is why it’ so important to engage cross-functional teams, especially marketing experts and others who are customer-focused, in weighing both short and long term outcomes of such decisions.

Marcus Fischer
Jan, 15,2014
Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Partner at Carmichael Lynch

How brands can embrace new technologies

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t just about what’s new and what’s shiny. It represents every delivery form of our content. Some products are the latest enhancements on existing technologies. Others are fledging technologies striving to find their way into the mainstream. CES is a show for manufacturers — but it is up to marketers to determine how our brands will embrace and support these technologies. 

Mark Murphy
Dec, 18,2013
Founder & CEO of Leadership IQ

#1: Set HARD Goals: Your own Hundred Percenter accomplishments were likely achieved due to having goals that were deeply emotional, highly visual, and that pushed you outside