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Denise Morrison
Aug, 27,2013
President and CEO of Campbell Soup

Being President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, an iconic Fortune 500 company, is a dream come true. It’s a dream that started to simmer in my childhood, when my father, Dennis Sullivan, shared many lasting lessons about business with me and my three sisters.

Luis Maram
Aug, 22,2013
Director of Marketing and Partner at Expok, Sustentabilidad y RSE

It happens all the time. We get to the supermarket checkout and there is the option to donate a percentage of our purchase to help children with cancer or fund reforestation projects. The store clerk asks us if we want to donate.

Monique Reece
Aug, 20,2013
Author, Speaker, Founder of MarketSmarter

This interview with Rebecca Henderson was conducted at the World Innovation Forumin NYC in June 2013. It has been edited slightly for this article space.

MR: There is a lot of research that says happy employees create happy customers and ultimately results in higher revenue and profit—the top and bottom line measures that CEOs care about. What perplexes me is: Why don’t more companies GET IT?

RH: Companies don’t get it because it’s hard and it’s difficult. People are difficult. They are not logical and they don't do exactly what you want so it requires doing emotional work and intellectual work. It’s so much easier to think rational incentives, just getting the pay plan right and setting the goals right is the way to get there.