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Marcus Fischer
Apr, 24,2014
Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Partner at Carmichael Lynch

What is marketing’s job? Quickly, people bring up the marketing purchase funnel.  It is one of the oldest and still most-referenced and used constructs in modern marketing. And while, yes, it is often challenged, we still come back to it because it is a common reference point and acts as common language. 

Mark Murphy
Apr, 16,2014
Founder & CEO of Leadership IQ

Performance appraisals, work assignments and accountability are just a few workplace situations wherein managers generally say, “I have to give you assignments; I have to give you feedback; I have to hold you accountable.” And in these situations, employees, much like children, are left to take feedback, and to take assignments while left passively waiting to be held accountable, rather than taking the initiative to “be more” and to “do more” for themselves.

Monique Reece
Mar, 31,2014
Author, Speaker, Founder of MarketSmarter

Creating a Customer Advisory Board can help you achieve several customer objectives. They are often used to gather customer insight, but they can be implemented for several other purposes: