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Marcus Fischer
Oct, 14,2014
Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Partner at Carmichael Lynch

Who should our role models be? That’s easy, right? They should be people we admire, people we idolize. And we all have people we look up to. Even as adults, we have people we aspire to be like, either in our professional or personal lives. This need to have role models is a human truth. Children talk about it most openly, saying, “He/She is my hero.” They unabashedly tell us why we all have role models —I want to be like them. 

We find people we admire and we try to behave, look and act like them. Sometimes it’s a futile effort. Nonetheless, we try. 

But Millennials are their own biggest fans. They are their own idols, their own admirers. Millennials are their own role models.

Monique Reece
Oct, 01,2014
Author, Speaker, Founder of MarketSmarter

There are only a handful of annual studies and reports that I look forward to reviewing each year, and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council State of Marketing report is at the top of my list. This comprehensive benchmark report is based on the survey results from the Council’s 7,000 global members. It summarizes trends, marketing investments, strategic insights, and the key challenges and triumphs of CMOs.  What makes this year’s report even sweeter than in past years is the optimism and positive momentum of chief marketing officers during the past year.

The CMO Council State of Marketing report and other recent marketing studies reveal the key drivers transforming the marketing industry. At the most basic level we are seeing a fundamental shift in perception about what marketing really is, and a return to what marketing has always been about: connecting with customers to understand what they want and why they buy. It’show we connect with customers that is changing so rapidly and increasing in complexity.  Everyone is a marketer now. Engaging with customers real-time requires new strategies, structure, skills and processes businesses must learn to become more innovative and responsive.

Sabrina Gaete
Sep, 30,2014

1.      When you talk about today’s digital disruption, what are you referring to?